25 Cara Promosi Posting Blog untuk Menambah Jumlah Pengunjung

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25 Cara Promosi Posting Blog untuk Menambah Jumlah Pengunjung
BAGAIMANA cara mempromosikan posting blog untuk menambah jumlah pengunjung (trafik)? Mari kita intip bagaima tips dan pengalaman para blogger di luar sana mempromosikan blognya untuk menarik pembaca.

Setidaknya ada 25 cara mempromosi posting blog untuk menambah jumlah pengunjung dan menaikkan popularitas blog kita.

Tips berikut ini ada di forum blogger Quora.
  1. Post to Twitter
  2. Post to Facebook
  3. Post to Google+
  4. Comment on a bunch of commentluv blogs so people can see your recent post
  5. Submit it to blog voting sites like http://Bizsugar.com orhttp://blogengage.com or Hacker News
  6. Deep link to other bloggers posts so they will be sent trackback notifications, getting them to your site might get it mentioned elsewhere - engaging with other bloggers is the best way to get your content promoted.
  7. Mention other people and products in your post and send out tweets letting them know they were mentioned.
  8. Get guest bloggers who will often promote the post to their audience (ex / current journalists have a healthy audience)
  9. Send an email newsletter to your list with a personalised intro and a link to the blog post (I use MailChimp it's great).
  10. Go into forums that are are active in and look for threads that your post relates to, if rules permit reply with a link to the post.
  11. Update your forum signature every time you release a new post.
  12. Use WiseStamp so your email signature always shows your latest post.
  13. Comment on Other blogs
  14. Comment on forums in your niche market
  15. Print out business cards and hand them out
  16. Link your blog in your email signature
  17. Link your blog in your forum signature
  18. Submit your blog to Google
  19. Submit your blog to Yahoo!
  20. Build your links through relationships with other bloggers
  21. Build authority on your niche market
  22. Submit to website directories
  23. Create iPhone App for your website
  24. Do something that has never been done
  25. Create joint ventures with other bloggers
Nah lho, banyak bangiiit...!!! Silakan coba.

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